Adesh Joshi Memorial Trust

About Us

What started off as a roadside encounter with some sharp kids soon turned into a life skilled program for kids of many housing society, maids, domestic help and security guards by the woman who helped taught underprivileged kids, Ranjana Joshi. As word spread around sector 55 and ghata village innumerable kids turned up to meet “Joshi Ma’am” . This went to such an extent where the 1 hour class shifted from a small guest room, to the parking lot to a rented room, to neighbourhood park!

As the number swelled so did the ways in which she helped the kids. From conversational English classes, to hiring tutors for other subjects to admission in nearby schools. From flute classes to painting to yoga classes. To trip to Delhi and Metro rides.

There were countless challenges ofcourse. From some folks not approving of “these” kids coming to the posh society, to Ghata village folks not approving of their parks being taken over. From some bright students dropping out to work and support their families, to counseling their parents and in som cases kids themselves. From fighting with Government school principals over EWS admissions to arranging finances and lastly covid.

But the mission did not stop. Despite being told by her entire family to take it easy, she kept going on. It has been 6 years. Good Samaritans came through when needed. The army of ex students, friends and families, neighbours, and ex colleagues stepped up. They donated clothes, shoes, books, stationary, woolens, bags, even ration during covid. Most importantly – A few deserving kids had their education sponsored and were enabled to better themselves and their families.